Our story starts with a man who had a dream. A man who from a young age wanted to have his own business. Even as young as elementary school, Eduardo Hernandez (aka Eddie) was an entrepreneur. He found that he could make money buying Mexican lollipops, and then selling them to his friends at school for a moderate markup.

   That spurned his love of being in charge of his own company. For he knew that one day he would turn that entrepreneurial spirit into something more. Much of the discipline he gleaned in business came directly from his service in the United States Army. After a few tours, he completed his service and decided to go into private security. While he found that fulfilling overseas, he also wanted to do something more, going back to his childhood dream of owning his own business.

   That’s where the Protection Supply Company came to be in 2014. It’s an e-commerce clothing store that makes wearable gear for a new era. Eddie found that in this modern millennium, people are just too busy to shop in the traditional way. By providing high quality, long lasting clothing online, it’s so much easier for his clients to make their purchases in the comfort of their own homes. Online shopping is still at the beginnings of its potential, and Eddie hopes that with the Protection Supply Company the clothing you buy has so much more meaning behind it. These aren’t your ordinary t-shirts, pants, and tanks. Each one has been specially selected to state a message, a wearable way to show support to the ideals you stand behind. Eddie believes in each piece of clothing he sells because it ends up being for the greater good.

   “Protect What You Love” is the motto of Protection Supply Company. Which is why each year, the clothing company chooses a charity to support. For 2016, the charity of choice is “Homes For Our Troops” which helps well deserving military veterans find affordable home options. One dollar from every purchase will get donated to this worthy cause.

   The Protection Supply Company line is meant for all people, men, women and children can wear this line with comfort and ease. Each piece is hand selected for the site with many meaningful causes supported by the line. Every Friday new options for the line are releases, so check back often to order your favorites.

   Protection Supply Company is much more than just your average clothing line. It’s a lifestyle brand with heart, soul, and drive. Eddie’s a family first kind of guy who was raised by his Mexican Grandmother to be the man he is today. Loyal, loving, and supportive to those in need. He’s proud of his service to his country, and is happy he can translate some of that love into fashions that are meaningful and wearable.