August 29, 2016

WARFYTR is a group of manufacturers, designers, and engineers who create forward-thinking, 100% American Made, patented solutions. Today, we work from 4 different facilities throughout the Midwest and Texas, with our headquarters in Brookville, Indiana.

Our Founder and CEO, Doug Ralph spent more than 12 years in Iraq and Afghanistan with the US Army Rangers, US Marine Corps, and private security companies. Relying on his 25 years of military and law enforcement experience, he brought together like-minded experts who were equally passionate about bringing high-quality equipment into the future. We are here to raise your expectations, to make equipment permanently better, and with your help... to push the industry forward. 

You have our 5C Design™ guarantee on all products:

  • Comfort- Can be worn all day.
  • Convenience- Natural and easy to use.
  • Control- Fully adjustable and locks in place.
  • Concealment- Has the lowest possible profile.
  • Cost- The most efficient design with minimal parts. 

**All products include a lifetime warranty and 30 day full-refund return policy

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